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Tyto Care: Remote Monitoring of Coronavirus Patients

Hundreds of doctors, nurses and other frontline medical workers have died after catching the coronavirus from their patients. Hospitals are racing to install remote monitoring technology that will allow them to treat COVID-19 patients while reducing the risk of infection for medical staff. Tyto Care is an OurCrowd portfolio company whose remote health monitors have been deployed in 16 hospitals, including coronavirus quarantine wards in Israel, the United States and elsewhere, and used successfully for hundreds of COVID-19 patients. Tyto Care technology uses AI to diagnose patients based on data that can be collected using its kit and a regular cellphone. Patients can also buy the system to use in their own homes and feed the data to their doctor, saving a trip to the hospital. Tyto’s AI algorithms can detect issues like swollen tonsils, throat inflammation and lung disease, enabling doctors to make a diagnosis without touching the patient. “In this situation with COVID-19 you really want clinicians and professionals to stay away as much as you can from sick people, or people that are currently in quarantine,...

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